There is no comparison!

unnamedI’m Cindy, manager of Birdie’s Nest London location. I recently went on a family vacation and needless to say that with a fourteen year old daughter in tow, we did a lot of shopping. As much as I try not to think of work while vacationing, I must tell you that I’m ALWAYS on the search. It’s what I do and what I love. I enjoy looking at displays and merchandising ideas. I take in the latest colour combinations, packaging, signage, and listen to the way shoppers react to these. I watch for staffing, customer service,  traffic flow, check out lines, and ways to be more efficient.  From my personal travels I can safely and PROUDLY say that there is NO comparison to Birdie’s Nest. We are truly a unique, one-in-a million store!!! There just simply isn’t ANY other store that offers all that we do. Our prices are exceptional, our products are vast and top notch, our displays are creative and inspiring, and we are definitely up with the latest jewellery and fashion trends. We have a remarkable team here and they are all as passionate about Birdie’s Nest as I am….AND IT SHOWS!!!

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