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Handmade mexican chimeneas

Chimenea complete with stand and lid at $175.00. Chimenea with stand and no lid at $155.00. Chimeneas are approximately 48″ tall (including stand and lid). Colours and designs vary, while quantities last.  In-store exclusive.

Mexican hanging clay pots “sartas”

Mexican hanging clay herb decor pots or sartas are strung together with natural rope. Sartas or ristras means string in Spanish. Inspired by the traditional Mexican ristra, a string of dried chili peppers, are hung at the entrance of your home for good luck. The hot chili peppers are thought to absorb evil spirits. These whimsical sartas are both a perfect housewarming gift and a wonderful addition to any home decor. 6-pc pot sarta is available in 3 colourations @ $10.00 each. Approx. 40” long, each pot measures approx. 3” l x 2 1/4” w.

Stone Indian goddess statue


Create a exotic focal point in your garden with a stone Indian goddess statue that’s been hand crafted from Indonesia. Approx 11 1/4″ w x 10″ d x 40″ t.

Teak root chair


Bring the sight of serene nature from inside your home or outdoors on your patio or deck oasis. Approx. 31″ t x 27″ w x 16″ d.