Spring is Here!!!

It’s been a VERY long winter and we are all ready for some spring weather!! We may not have the weather just yet but we do have the feel of spring inside both of our stores! Come on in and see our brightly coloured displays, smell the flowers in the air and hear the sounds of joy! I gaurentee it will put a smile on your face and a SPRING in your step! Our patio is bustling with the arrival of garden pots, fountains, chimeneas, windchimes, outdoor decor and even some gorgeous plants.  106_0465

2 thoughts on “Spring is Here!!!

  1. Do you have garden “gazing” balls and pedestals? I love your store and have visited several times while in the area. Love it!!

    • We have large glass balls from Mexico, but not really a “gazing” ball. They are however on sale right now 1/2 if you are interested in coming in to have a look. Thanks for your interest.

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