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Carved wood Weeping Yogi – Bali CLEARANCE

The yogi weeps because the world is profoundly sad, they say someone has to always be weeping for its sorrows, so that you can be joyful. Hand carved in Bali, these yogis take your pain away so that you can enjoy life. Known for their gentle, joyful spirit, the Balinese believe that sharing your sorrows lessens the load and sharing your joys helps you grow: so share your sadness with the yogi and share your joys with those you love. Holding his head in his hands, the yogi seems to be saying, “If it’s too much for you, please share it with me. It’s why I’m here. It’s what I do.” Some feel that the yogi has either just moved into his pose of sadness and sorrow or is about to stand up in happiness and joy.
Size (Approx)