About us

Our Chatham location has an interesting story. Birdie’s Nest was once home to hundreds of teens as a small local high school. We have transformed the buildings and grounds into a wonderful showroom and patio for all of our outstanding treasures. A bright, charming and appealing shopping space will put your senses in overload.

Equally as unique in its transformation is our London, Ontario store. We have taken a small plaza in an unexpected location and customized the area for our remarkable products. Dirt floors are now covered with impressive tiles from Bali, inviting arched doorways from Mexico and walls from aged barns. The result: an exquisite and altogether different retail space.

The items that we sell are unique to Birdie’s Nest. We have personally sourced them direct from hundreds of expert craftsmen from around the world, traveling to the mountains of Thailand, the rain forests of Indonesia and the family owned workshops of Mexico. From rosewood furniture from India, to impressive sterling silver from Bali and Mexico, we offer you cultural delights sure to fit your style and your budget.

Come and enjoy a unique shopping experience with us. We have stories to share from our amazing journeys that you won’t forget! Loaded with inventory from around the world, each store is filled with exotic charm and innumerable treasures that are just right for you and your home. Our atmosphere is as appealing and inspiring as our merchandise itself. Take in the eclectic and globally inspired mix of art and fashion we have to offer and let us provide you with some retail therapy that’s good for your soul.

You are invited to our space, our home, our lives, and the lives of the families in which you ultimately help to provide a better existence for by shopping with us.