Three Hole Chimineas

Unique clay chiminea from Mexico. Measures 43” on the stand ($29.99 extra). Openings are a nice 14” wide.

This is an outdoor fireplace imported from Mexico. It is handcrafted
out of clay, therefore making it both heavy and fragile, it requires
special care. The following points will help you in transporting and
using your chimenea.
*Only use as an outdoor fireplace.
*Never leave your chimenea unattended when in use.
*Fill the bottom with sand(approx. 3 to 4 inches)
*Bring your chimenea indoors during the winter months.
*For the first 6 to 10 fires, burn small to medium fires to allow the
pot time to cure.
*Never use charcoal starters or charcoal, the clay needs time to
adapt to the rising temperature when starting a fire. Always start off
small and build your fire slowly.
*Over time, you may notice that the colour of your chimenea has
changed or faded, this is normal due to the heat and exposure to the
*Always use a stand or patio stones under your chimenea to help insulate the heat.
*Burn kindling only.
*Chimeneas also make good pots for plants and candles.
NOTE: Please inspect the chimenea over to insure it is in good
condition before leaving BIRDIE'S NEST. Once the chimenea leaves
BIRDIE'S NEST, we do not assume responsibility for any improper
care or usage.