Dreamcatchers from Bali

Beautiful  Dreamcatchers from Bali

Measurements 31” x 13”
The Hoop

The round hoop that serves as the frame is the first identifiable characteristic of dreamcatchers. The round shape represents the circle of life, which was a very important concept to theOjibwe people. It signifies that life is constantly going round in a circle, without any real beginning or end. Circles are also the center of everything. Dreamcatchers were originally made from red willow wood, which was extremely pliable. Modern versions may be made from other pliable materials.


The Web

The web created within the frame is the second identifiable feature of dreamcatchers. The web is designed in the same pattern as a spider’s web. This has great significance for two reasons. First, it is a tribute to Asibikaashi, the spider women who is also the spiritual protector of the Ojibwe tribe. Secondly, it is intended to serve the same purpose as a spider web, which is to trap unwanted things – in this case, bad dreams. The circle in the center of the web is considered as its heart. It serves the purpose of allowing good dreams and visions to filter through. This web is intricately designed using either thread or wool. 



Every dreamcatcher has one or more beads woven into the web pattern. There are various interpretations about what these beads signify. Most cultures believe that when a single bead is used it represents the spider that spun the web. Several beads woven into the web represent the number of dreams captured during the night that have transformed into sacred charms.



The light, airy feathers add a touch of whimsy to any dreamcatcher but they are not there merely to add a decorative touch. The feathers hanging from the lower sides of the circle serve an important purpose. They help the trapped dreams from the web glide gently down to the person sleeping below.