Behind the scenes!

Every time we receive a new shipment, it’s like Christmas for us! We love seeing what we unwrap for the first time. I have talked to several customers that are curious as to how we go about getting it all looking so beautiful inside our stores. It takes a team for sure. We work very hard from the point of purchasing until it’s merchandised oh so artistically by our talented staff. FIRST we book our travel!!! haha, then we shop, shop shop for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we find that we love. After visiting several artisans and make our selections, we arrange to have all of the treasures shipped to our stores. This takes some careful planning for sure! Once the product arrives at our store it’s a huge job for us to unload the containers and begin to unwrap, inventory, clean and price the goodies! Our merchandisers then get creative and the final result is the fantastic shopping experience for all to enjoy.  Here are a couple of picture for you to look at behind the scenes!!