Our Story - India

Kathy Barrett | 25 July, 2021

            Our Story - India

"India is a place where colour is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in" – Kiran Millwood Hargrave



 Kathy has been travelling to India now for around ten years, and to this day, she still says that her creative juices flow more in India than any other destination. 

But, why??

India is rich in ancient traditions and colourful art that is influenced by its history. Between those colourful traditions, the country's diversity and the broad spectrum of products, it is easy to see why Kathy's creativity thrives!

Although we all love the beautiful pieces of mango wood and intricate steelwork, our passion for the textiles is unmatched. Kathy takes immense pride in designing, alongside our amazingly talented Indian artisans, all of the textiles that we bring to Chatham & London for you. She uses the inspiration from the country's colourful art and history to complete designs for embroidered and screen-printed products like ottomans, pillows, table cloths, wall hangings and more.

Most recently, Kathy designed the "Tree of Life" collection during the lockdown! Instead of travelling to India to create alongside the artisans, she had to resort to many long-lasting Zoom calls to perfect the design. This may be one of the reasons that all the staff so loves the "Tree of Life" collection as we see the hard work put into its design. Although we love the end product, Kathy cannot wait to return to India to let her creativity ignite again!


Indian Textile Artisan